Your question: Who can be in a VAT group?

A VAT group can be formed by two or more persons, at least one of whom is a taxable person, subject to the conditions outlined in paragraph 4. Persons that wish to form or join a VAT group must apply to Revenue using the prescribed application forms.

Who can be part of a VAT group?

Eligible non-corporate bodies (individuals, partnerships and Scottish partnerships) can only join a VAT group where they control all the UK corporate bodies in the VAT group.

What constitutes a VAT group?

A VAT group is a group of related companies registering to submit a VAT return together so that the process is simplified. Debitoor is Making Tax Digital compliant so you can now submit your VAT return directly to HMRC.

Do all companies in a group have to be VAT registered?

Grouping is, currently, entirely optional in the UK and only applies to those entities for which an application has been made and approved. There is no requirement that all businesses in the trading group must be registered within the VAT group.

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What is the representative member of a VAT group?

The member of a VAT group that is treated as carrying on the businesses of each member of the group for value added tax purposes. Supplies made by or to any member of the group are treated as made by or to the representative member.

Common control is defined as either all members of the group are controlled by one member of the group, or they are all controlled by a single ‘person’ who is not one of the members of the group. A person can be a legal entity such as a company, an individual, or a partnership.

Can you have 2 VAT numbers?

A body with business units or divisions that are not limited companies may be able to register each of them separately for VAT. Each unit or division would have its own VAT registration number and each must account separately for VAT. … You cannot combine divisional VAT registration and VAT group registration.

How do I start a VAT group?

You can register your group for VAT online. You must download forms VAT 50 and VAT 51, complete them online and then attach them to your application. If you’re applying online you can’t send your forms through the post. You can also apply to register a group for VAT by post.

What is VAT group treatment?

A VAT group is treated in the same way as a single taxable person registered for VAT on its own. … The representative member is responsible for completing and submitting a single VAT Return and making VAT payments or receiving VAT refunds on behalf of the group.

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How do I submit a Group VAT return?

Submit your VAT Return online

  1. Getting online. If you need: …
  2. HMRC ‘s free online service. Sign in to your VAT online account and complete your VAT Return.
  3. Using accounting software. Most accounting software lets you submit your VAT Return to HMRC directly. …
  4. Using accountants or agents. …
  5. Help with online services.

Can you have two companies one VAT registered and one not?

VAT for sole traders with more than one business

Sole traders can have more than one business, but should remember that they’re not legally separate from each sole trader business they have. … You must register for VAT when your turnover reaches the VAT registration threshold in any 12 month period.

How many VAT numbers can a company have?

Multiple Vat Registrations

In cases such as these, a separate vat registration is advised for the new venture. As long as HMRC are made aware of this through giving these details to them on the new ventures application form, then it is possible to have more than one vat registration at the same time.

How do I leave a VAT group?

If, following the de-grouping of the member, only one member is left in the group then it is automatically registered in its own right. A member leaving the group should generally apply for registration on Form VAT 1 if it wishes, or is required, to be registered in its own right.

Can a partnership be in a VAT group?

Extension of VAT grouping to unincorporated businesses

Non-corporate entities, such as individuals, partnerships and Scottish partnerships, are now allowed to join VAT groups, provided they control all their corporate subsidiaries.

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Can you register for VAT if not making taxable supplies?

If you’re a non-established taxable person ( NETP ), the registration threshold for taxable supplies does not apply to you, so you’ll have to register for VAT if you make taxable supplies of any value in the UK.

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