How do I unlock my TurboTax card?

You may need to contact Turbo tax visa customer service to see if they can unblock your card. Turbo tax customer service number is: 1(888) 285-4169.

Why is my turbo card account locked?

If you exceed the number of sign in attempts you will get locked out of your TurboTax Online account. You can try to sign in again after 15 minutes.

How do I reset my TurboTax card?

If you need to reset your PIN for your Turbo Prepaid Visa Card, please visit or call them toll-free at (888) 285-4169.

What do I do if my TurboTax account has been hacked?

Affected TurboTax customers must call (800) 944-8596 and state the word “Security” when prompted, after which Intuit tech-support representatives will walk them through the process of regaining access. …

How do I remove a security block from TurboTax?

@Tommy4489king Please reach out to Customer Service at (888) 285-4169 to remove the block from your card.

Will my stimulus check go on my TurboTax card?

You can also request a check for the money on your Turbo Visa Debit Card by calling Green Dot at 888-285-4169 and speaking to a customer service specialist. You’ll get your check in the mail in approximately 14–21 days.

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Where can I use my temporary TurboTax card?

The Turbo Visa Debit Card without Refund Advance is a reloadable Visa debit card that your tax refund can be deposited on after filing with TurboTax Online. It can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the U.S., including online, by phone, and in stores. Monthly and other fees and limits may apply.

Is TurboTax a safe site?

An Intuit spokeswoman says it is safe to prepare your return online or with desktop software. “We apply security across all our products and have added additional fraud-prevention measures for TurboTax Online customers,” she says.

Is it safe to use TurboTax on your phone?

TurboTax noted that its app does not store any data on a customer’s phone or device. … “In addition to the steps taken by H&R Block, we encourage clients to protect and secure any physical device on which they are preparing taxes with firewalls, anti-virus software and anti-spyware software,” the statement said.

Is it bad to do your own taxes?

Doing your own taxes takes time and patience. If you don’t have either, it might be worth the cost of hiring a tax professional — but know it will be more expensive. Also consider a tax pro if you have multiple sources of income or significant assets.

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