How do I become an enrolled agent with the IRS?

How long does it take to become an enrolled agent?

Depending on your tax knowledge, becoming an enrolled agent can take 3-8 months. You may hear some enrolled agents boast that the EA exam is easy and they passed it in just a few weeks. Yet, the reality is that most candidates are not able to pass in 1 month.

How much does it cost to become an IRS enrolled agent?

You may electronically apply for enrollment and make secure payment of the $67 enrollment fee at You may also apply for enrollment by mail by submitting a completed Form 23, Application for Enrollment to Practice before the IRS PDF, along with a check for $67 to the address listed on the form.

What are the requirements to be an enrolled agent?

How to Become an Enrolled Agent

  1. You must have a Personal Tax Identification Number (PTIN). …
  2. Study for the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). …
  3. Part 1 – Individuals. …
  4. Register for the exam. …
  5. Take the IRS SEE. …
  6. Apply for enrollment and pass a tax compliance check. …
  7. Update your professional information.
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How hard is IRS enrolled agent exam?

The most difficult test for most candidates is Part 2 (Businesses). Only about 60% of exam takers have passed this part in the past three years. Part 1 of the exam (Individuals) is also challenging; approximately 75-80% of exam-takers have passed this part of the exam in the past three years.

Is it worth becoming an Enrolled Agent?

Individuals who are considering a new career path may find that becoming an enrolled agent is the right choice. Offering excellent job security and the opportunity to have jurisdiction throughout the United States, the position of enrolled agent can provide a good salary along with a rewarding career.

How much does an Enrolled Agent charge per hour?

The average cost for an experienced Enrolled Agent are just $200-400/hour, and many will have a set flat rate for handling specific types of filings, meetings, and representation.

Do you need a degree to be an enrolled agent?

Requirements for Enrolled Agents

An enrolled agent (EA) does not need a college degree; rather they must demonstrate special competence in tax matters by passing all three parts of the IRS Special Enrollment Examination.

How much can an enrolled agent make?

According to, the national average salary for an Enrolled Agent as of July 2019 is $57,041. Jobs paying $41,500 or less are in the 25th or less percentile range, while jobs paying more than $64,500 are in the 75th or more percentile range. Most salaries fall between $41,500 and $64,500.

How much does the EA exam cost?

Candidates may schedule each part of the exam at their convenience, in any order. It is not required to take all parts in one sitting. Exam fees are $181.94 per part. Prometric maintains approximately 300 test sites throughout the US and internationally.

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What is the difference between enrolled agent and tax preparer?

Similar to a CPA, an enrolled agent is also a certified tax professional. However, an enrolled agent is a federally-authorized tax practitioner rather than a state-licensed professional. An enrolled agent can provide tax consultations, file federal and state returns, and represent taxpayers to the IRS in an audit.

What is the best enrolled agent prep course?

These Are The Top 5 Best EA Exam Review Courses in August 2021:

  • Surgent EA Review Course.
  • Gleim EA Review Course.
  • Fast Forward Academy EA Review.
  • Lambers EA Prep Course.
  • Wiseguide EA Study Material.
  • Pass Key EA Study Materials.
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