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2017 Marketing & Sales Playbook

If you want to consistently score and win, you need strategies, tactics and actions that will when implemented will get you where you want to be.

You need a Playbook.​

In this 51 minute video you'll learn:

  • 6 Winning Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • 44 Specific 'plays' that you can put to immediate use​
  • How to create your own winning plays
  • How to know which play to implement in any situation
  • How to implement each play with precision, efficiency and results​

PLUS... At the end of the video you'll be able to download your own 2017 Marketing & Sales Playbook with over 50 individual tactics you can employ, along with detailed directions on how to create your own winning plays.

(The link to download the Playbook will appear at the end of this video.)


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Get Your Top 4 Most Effective 2017 Plays created and implemented for you!

Cash Flow Engineering's done-for-you marketing service includes the four most effective campaigns for small business:

  • Lead Capture Campaign with custom content
  • Contact Nurture Campaign for new leads
  • Reengagement Campaign for stagnate leads
  • Loyalty Campaign to generate referrals

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