You asked: Is TurboTax available on flash drive?

Are you ready for tax season? None of us really ever are but that’s okay because TurboTax has your back. With our TurboTax USB Flash Drives, you’ll never feel unprepared for taxes again.

How do I install TurboTax without a CD drive?

How do I down load Turbotax Deluxe without a cd drive?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the product platform you are using.
  3. Ask a question or keywords without quotes, and Submit.
  4. On next page, skip the suggested articles if they don’t help.

Can I move TurboTax to another computer?

You can’t copy the software from one computer to another. You have to install it on the new computer from the CD or download for each year. You can copy your tax return data files to the new computer. They have the file name extension .

Can I download TurboTax 2020 if I bought the CD?

If you bought TurboTax CD version but your computer does not have CD drive you can download the software directly from TurboTax. You will need to set up a TurboTax account and have the license code on your CD box insert ready to complete the process.

How do I access my TurboTax download?

If you downloaded TurboTax directly from us, you can find your product on our website while signed in to the correct account, under the Products & Pricing menu to then access your downloads.

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How do I transfer last years TurboTax to a new computer?

How do I move my tax data file to another computer?

  1. Make sure your new computer has TurboTax installed on it.
  2. Connect a thumb drive or other portable device to your old computer.
  3. Copy or move your tax data file to the device. …
  4. After copying, disconnect or eject the portable device and connect it to your new computer.

How many times can TurboTax be installed?

You can install TurboTax CD/Download on up to five different computers. Each installed copy can prepare different returns.

Can TurboTax 2020 be installed on multiple computers?

Yes, you can install and activate the same copy of TurboTax on up to three different computers, but you can only download the software onto one computer at a time.

Is TurboTax available 2020?

We are excited to announce the Online Launch of the 2020 – 2021 TurboTax tax season TY19 to be early December around 11-28-2020. Key Dates: IRS Tentative e-file Open Date is tentative for 01/21/2021. TurboTax Desktop Tax Software Release Date estimated 11/14/2020.

Can TurboTax be shared?

You can complete and file tax returns using the TurboTax software for anyone, it is not limited to family. However, you cannot use the software if you are being paid to prepare the tax returns as the software is not licensed for paid tax preparers.

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