What is the provincial tax in Ontario?

13% (HST) in Ontario.

What is the provincial tax rate in Ontario?

Ontario: 5.05% on the first $44,470 of taxable income. 9.15% on portion of taxable income over $44,470 up-to $89,482. 11.16% on portion of taxable income over $89,482 up-to $150,000.

Is there provincial sales tax in Ontario?

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is 13% in Ontario. Ontario provides relief on the 8% provincial portion of the HST on specific items through a point of sale rebate. … The Canada Revenue Agency administers the HST.

What is PST and GST in Ontario?

Current HST, GST and PST rates table of 2021

Canada’s Province Rate type (HST, GST, PST) Total
Ontario HST 13%
Prince Edward Island (PEI) HST 15%
Québec GST + QST 14.975%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 11%

What are the provincial income tax rates in Canada?

Provincial and territorial personal income taxes

Province/Territory Bracket (Rate and Income)
Ontario 5.05% 9.15%
Prince Edward Island $0 – $31,984 $31,984 – $63,969
9.8% 13.8%
Quebec $0 – $43,790 $43,790 – $87,575

What are the tax brackets in Ontario 2020?

Ontario 2020 and 2019 Personal Marginal Income Tax Rates

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Combined Federal & Ontario Tax Brackets and Tax Rates Including Surtaxes
2020 Taxable Income 2020 Marginal Tax Rates
first $44,740 20.05% 10.03%
over $44,740 up to $48,535 24.15% 12.08%
over $48,535 up to $78,783 29.65% 14.83%

How much is GST 2020?

For the 2020 base year (payment period from July 2021 to June 2022), you could get up to: $456 if you are single. $598 if you are married or have a common-law partner. $157 for each child under the age of 19.

Which province pays the most taxes?

Nova Scotia has the highest top marginal income tax rate of 21 percent, which is more than double the lowest top rate in Alberta (10 percent). Quebec is another province with a heavy tax burden at all income levels, especially for lower and middle-income earners.

Which province has lowest tax in Canada?

The province with the lowest top marginal tax rate is Saskatchewan, but the territories of Nunavut and Northwest Territories are lower. The following table shows the top marginal tax rates in 2020 by province and territory.

How much is Ontario sales tax?

13% (HST) in Ontario.

What is the difference between GST HST and PST?

The PST is a retail sales tax that is payable when a taxable good or service is acquired for personal or business use, unless a specific exemption applies. The HST generally applies to the same base of goods and services as the GST. … GST, which is calculated at a rate of 5% on the selling price.

Which province has lowest sales tax?

The provinces of Alberta, Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories boasts the lowest rate of 5%, while residents of the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador) pay the 15%.

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