What is excision in process?

That division or partitioning of the lands is what is known as an “Excision” which means in English cutting a part of a whole. An Example of an Excision Survey after the government has divided the portion of land between the community and the government.

What does excision in process mean?

What is Excision in Progress? Before a land can be released back to the indigenous communities, it needs to be excised. Hence, ‘excision in progress’ or ‘excision in process’ is the process of getting a land under government acquisition released back to the indigenous owners or villagers.

What is government excision?

Land excision is a method by which state governments release parts of the land to indigenous peoples or settlers by lawfully approved protocols and processes. The method of land excision is a means for the government to compensate the original landowners since the Land Use Act was enacted.

What is excision title?

Excision. An excised land is one that has been released by the government to an individual or company. Once land is deemed free from the government, it is then given a Gazette title (more on that later) and the landowner can then proceed to get a proper title like a Certificate of Occupancy or the Governor’s Consent.

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What is an excised land?

An excised land is a land that has been released by the government to the indigenes of the area who originally owned the land before the government acquired it. This means that the land is no longer under government acquisition and processing of C of O (Certificate of Occupancy) is possible.

What Gazette means?

A gazette is an official journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper. In English- and French-speaking countries, newspaper publishers have applied the name Gazette since the 17th century; today, numerous weekly and daily newspapers bear the name The Gazette.

What is a global C of O?


This is a certificate of occupancy, issued to an estate owner , covering the whole expanse of land. The estate owner can then issue a Deed of Assignment to individual owners of plots in the estate , signifying Transfer of Ownership.

What is the difference between excision and Gazette?

Excision, as it applies to land, means that land(usually a large portion) is free from government acquisition and Gazette is an Official record book where all special government details (including land) are spelt out, detailed and recorded.

What is a land title document?

A title is the ownership of a property and a deed is a written document that affects property. Both systems are mutually exclusive. … Both systems are under the control and management of the Property Registration Authority (PRA), an independent statutory body set up under the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006.

What is the best land title in Nigeria?

Excision and gazette are very good titles for a piece of land; such lands are safe to buy and develop. The gazette then becomes the title on the land and such land is safe to buy because a proper title can be processed on the land. This is the most popular land title most people are familiar with.

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What is title document of property?

Absolute sale deed and title deed – The sale deed or title deed is the most important document that records the actual transfer of ownership of the property. … It includes a description of the property and names of title holders, joint tenancy, etc. It is especially important for procuring a home loan.

What is R of O in land?

The Statutory Right of Occupancy (R-of-O) is the legal status of ownership over a land; the document sets out the terms, conditions and payment required by which you will be granted legal status to occupy the land by way of the issuance of the C-of-O.

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