Question: Do I have to pay Arkansas income tax?

Just like the federal government, if you earn an income, you must pay income taxes in Arkansas. As a traditional W-2 employee, your Arkansas taxes will be drawn on each payroll automatically.

Do I have to file Arkansas state income tax?

Arkansas has a state income tax, meaning most who earned money in the state must file a return each spring.

How much can you make in Arkansas without paying taxes?

According to Arkansas Individual Income Tax Booklet, whether or not you have to file an Arkansas tax return depends on your filing status and gross income. Full Year Residents: Single, $12,493. Head of Household with 1 or no dependents, $17,762.

Is Arkansas a no income tax state?

Eight U.S. states do not tax individual income. Florida and Texas are the most famous, but Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington are a few of the other states without an income tax. … Arkansas’s income tax system is a little complicated. It has three rate schedules based on income, and its highest rate is 5.9%.

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Who must file a tax return in Arkansas?

Part year residents who received any gross income while an Arkansas resident must file a return (regardless of marital status, filing status, or amount). *Gross income is all income (before deductions) other than income specifically described as exempt on pages 9 and 10 “Exempt From Income Tax.”

What is the deadline to file taxes in Arkansas?


The extension to July 15 is automatic and the taxpayer does not need to file for an extension. The April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020 period will be disregarded for purposes of calculation of interest and penalties.

How much does taxes take out of your check in Arkansas?

Overview of Arkansas Taxes

Gross Paycheck $3,146
Federal Income 15.32% $482
State Income 5.07% $159
Local Income 3.50% $110
FICA and State Insurance Taxes 7.80% $246

Why is Arkansas a bad place to retire?

The study said Arkansas has the 5th worst property crime rate and the 5th worst life expectancy rate in the country. It also ranked poorly in the WalletHub ‘taxpayer’ ranking, the elderly-friendly labor market and the number of health-care facilities per capita.

Are Arkansas taxes high?

According to a midyear report from the Tax Foundation, a Washington tax-policy group, Arkansas’ average combined state and local sales-tax rate is 9.48%, making it the third-highest statewide average in the country, behind Louisiana at 9.55% and Tennessee at 9.547%. … Little Rock’s municipal sales-tax rate is 1.5%.

Is Arkansas a good place to live?

Arkansas is a good place to live especially if you prefer to live close to the vast American wilderness. Given the natural beauty of the state and that the cost of living is low across most of the state; there are scores of great areas to live in Arkansas.

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Do you have to pay taxes on Social Security in Arkansas?

For instance, Arkansas exempts Social Security benefits and up to $6,000 of retirement income from its state income tax. And, as a plus for veterans, all military pension income is tax-exempt. … The state’s property taxes are among the lowest in the nation, too.

How much income tax do you pay on Social Security?

For the 2019 and 2020 tax years, single filers with a combined income of $25,000 to $34,000 must pay income taxes on up to 50% of their Social Security benefits. If your combined income was more than $34,000, you will pay taxes on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits.

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