How do I transfer last year’s TurboTax to a new computer?

How do I transfer last year’s TurboTax?

Sign in to TurboTax Online and start a new return, or open or continue a return you already started. After the screen has loaded, select the Tax Tools drop-down menu in the left menu and then select Tools. In the pop-up window, select the Transfer last year’s TurboTax return from your computer link.

Can I move TurboTax to another computer?

You can’t copy the software from one computer to another. You have to install it on the new computer from the CD or download for each year. You can copy your tax return data files to the new computer. They have the file name extension .

Does TurboTax import last year’s return?

If you filed your return with TurboTax last year, we can save you time this year. That’s because TurboTax can easily transfer information from last year’s tax return. Just follow the prompts. We’ll help you find last year’s tax file on your computer, or pull it in from your TurboTax Online account.

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How do I transfer TurboTax to a new Mac?

To transfer info from your 2019 TurboTax for Mac return:

  1. Open TurboTax for Mac 2020 and choose File New Tax Return.
  2. Select Begin and choose Use a tax return that’s on my computer.
  3. Select your 2019 return from the list and select Continue. …
  4. Select Continue to review the transferred information.

How do I import my 2018 TurboTax data into 2020?

Launch TurboTax 2020 and click Start a New Return (or go to File in the upper left corner and select New Tax Return). TurboTax should find your 2019 tax file. If not, click Browse, go to where you saved the file in Step 2, select it, and click Open. Wait for TurboTax to finish transferring the info over.

How do I transfer programs from old computer to new computer?

Here are the steps to transfer files, programs and settings yourself:

  1. 1) Copy and move all your old files to a new disk. …
  2. 2) Download and install your programs onto the new PC. …
  3. 3) Adjust your settings. …
  4. 1) Zinstall’s “WinWin.” The product will transfer everything — programs, settings and files — to your new PC for $119.

Can I install the software on a second computer?

Most software is limited by license as to how it can be used. You can, however, use this software on more than one computer. It’s simple, but you do need to pay attention to the legal requirements. There could be a limit that prevents you from doing exactly what you plan.

Can I install multiple versions of TurboTax?

Can I install two turbotax downloads on one computer (to save on multiple state returns)? No, you can only install one personal program per computer. You will get errors if you attempt to install a second program and the program will not operate.

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How do I import my 2019 TurboTax data into 2020?


  1. Sign into your TurboTax account to access returns for 2020.
  2. Choose New Tax Return from the File menu.
  3. Select Start a New Return.
  4. When you get to the transfer screen, select Browse.
  5. Navigate to your PDF file, select Open, and follow any onscreen instructions.

How do I import data into TurboTax?

How to Import Your Information

  1. If you have not already started your TurboTax return, select New Tax Return from the File menu in TurboTax.
  2. From the File menu select Import and then select From Financial Institution.
  3. In the box labeled I’m looking for: type Pax World Funds.

How do I upload a file to TurboTax?

Sign in to TurboTax and select Documents. Select Add document next to the specific form, or + Add an item to add something not on your list. Select or drag your files to upload. Your tax expert will be notified that you’ve uploaded documents and will be able to see them.

How do I install TurboTax without a CD drive?

How do I down load Turbotax Deluxe without a cd drive?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the product platform you are using.
  3. Ask a question or keywords without quotes, and Submit.
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