Frequent question: What is a Tax Topic 152?

Tax Topic 152 simply means that your tax return is being processed. This also implies that if you see IRS Tax Code 152, then the government or IRS has not approved or rejected your refund. So, in essence, IRS code 152 gives refund information. In few instances, your return status may take a while to be updated.

What does it mean when you get a tax Topic 152?

What is Tax Topic 152? Topic 152 is a generic reference code that some taxpayers may see when accessing the IRS Refund Status Tool. … Keep in mind this tax topic doesn’t mean you made a mistake or did anything wrong when filing. It simply means your return is being processed and has yet to be approved or rejected.

What is tax Topic 151 refund?

You may receive a tax topic 151 letter in lieu of a full tax refund, or any refund at all. … If you’ve received this notice, it means that your tax refund is either being reduced or withheld entirely by the Department of Treasury so that they can use it to pay for things that they believe you owe.

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Why did my bars disappeared on WMR 2021?

My WMR status bar has disappeared. Per the IRS, the WMR tracker graphic may disappear or not be shown if your return falls under IRS review after it is received (Status Bar 1: Return Received) because additional information is needed for your return.

Is tax Topic 152 a bad thing?

Is IRS Code 152 a bad thing? No. IRS code 152 and tax topic 152 is not a bad thing. That IRS tax code only means your tax return is being processed.

What does tax Topic 152 mean with no bars?

Topic 152 is just a generic code that means your tax return is still being processed by the IRS. When they are finished, your status will change to approved and an estimated direct deposit date will populate on “Where’s my Refund”.

Why does it say refund status error?

Provided that you are entering all of the requested information correctly, it simply means that your return has not begun to process yet. Continue to check daily-the IRS updates the information every 24 hours and your information will appear once your return is processed.

What does topic No 151 your appeal rights mean?

The IRS says take action tax topic 151 your appeal rights

This message means your return is under review for an unknown reason. The IRS will be sending you a letter about this.

What does it mean your tax return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available?

A refund date will be provided when available.” Exactly mean? There are a lot of delays for federal refunds this year. The IRS is working overtime to get stimulus payments sent out to you and process your tax returns.

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Why did tax Topic 152 disappeared?

Tax Topic 152 simply means your return is still in the processing stage and topics and bars disappearing mean the process is moving along. The general timeline of e-filed returns is: Transmission > Acceptance > Processing > Approval > Refund.

Is there a difference between being processed and still being processed?

Processed means exactly what it is being processed if it switches to still being processed is completely different. They found something that didnt add up. A mistake or further review for a variety of reasons. You should get a letter but it would be best to call them because it could take.

What does still being processed mean 2020?

You filed your tax return for 2020 early and are now waiting for your refund but with the IRS stretched to the limit this year you may need to be patient. … When you check the site you may see a message that reads “Being processed”, which means the IRS must first process your return and then approve your refund.

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