Can you use TurboTax for multiple returns?

When you use Desktop TurboTax, which you install from a CD or download to your own hard drive, you can prepare and e-file multiple returns for the cost of the software. You can e-file up to 5 Federal returns—more if you mail the additional ones.

Can I file more than 5 return with TurboTax?

The IRS imposes a limit of 5 e-mail returns. … However; while you can only e-file 5 returns, the TurboTax software will let you PRINT and MAIL as many additional copies as you need at NO additional charge for the federal returns.

Can I file 3 years of taxes at the same time?

You can do it at any time—the IRS won’t decline your return—but you only have three years to file if you want to claim a refund for a tax year, and the IRS might take action against you after six years.

Can I have 2 TurboTax accounts?

TurboTax online accounts cannot be combined or merged. You have to sign onto your online account using the exact same user ID you used to create the online account.

Can I file 2 different tax returns?

You cannot file them separately. The amount of tax you owe is based on your total income for the year. If your total income was reported on one W-2 instead of two, the result would be the same.

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What happens if you file two tax returns?

If you attempt to file your return twice, the IRS will reject the return and return it with an error code and explanation. The IRS typically uses error code 0515 or IND-515 to inform the sender that the taxpayer already filed a tax return for the same year using the same Social Security number.

How many years can you go without filing taxes?

The IRS requires you to go back and file your last six years of tax returns to get in their good graces. Usually, the IRS requires you to file taxes for up to the past six years of delinquency, though they encourage taxpayers to file all missing tax returns if possible.

Can I use TurboTax for prior years?

You can easily access prior year tax forms on the TurboTax website or by contacting the IRS. Don’t make the mistake of using current year tax forms or you may end up preparing the return again.

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