Are old road tax discs worth anything?

Surprisingly, these old tax discs have found some retail value on sites like eBay – but there are estimated to be over 1M cars still displaying old VED discs, so it’s unlikely that they will all be worth something.

Is it illegal to display an old tax disc?

The tax disc, first introduced in 1921, has ceased to exist in paper form since last October, with a new electronic system put in its place. … A spokesman for the DVLA confirmed that as the paper tax disc has been abolished there is no longer a need to display it – but it is not an offence if the keeper chooses to do so.

When did tax discs stop being used?

Cars discs were abolished in October 2014 as the DVLA moved all of its systems online.

Are tax discs still issued?

In less than five weeks, from 1st October, you will no longer be required to display a tax disc. … A DVLA spokeswoman said: “The benefits of a paper tax disc have become redundant over time as DVLA and the police now rely on DVLA’s electronic vehicle register and ANPR technology to check if a vehicle is taxed or not.”

Do you need to display road tax?

Just because you don’t have to display a tax disc doesn’t mean you can get away with not paying it, if anything you’re more likely to be caught now than before. The DVLA has a digital record of payments and a paper tax disc is no longer necessary as proof.

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Does road tax still exist?

There is no such thing as a road tax. It was abolished in 1937, with the process having been started by a certain Sir Winston Churchill. … But none of it pays directly for roads – All of it goes into the pot of general government taxation.

Is vehicle tax same as road tax?

“Road tax implies you are being taxed to use the roads and the money goes back into the roads – that’s not correct.” The DVLA – rebuked for an advert calling for people to pay their road tax – now calls it vehicle tax. The Post Office calls it car tax.

What does tax disc mean?

British. : a small, round sticker placed on the window of a vehicle showing that a tax has been paid so that the vehicle may be used on roads.

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