5 Myths of Business Ownership – Control Your Cash Flow Now

5 Myths of Business Ownership

Small Business in American is in crisis. There's plenty of blame to go around - poor government programs, lack of financing - even competition from the 'big box' chains. 

But these 5 Myths - stories and lies that have been accepted as TRUTHS by today's business community - are robbing American businesses of billions of dollars in revenue.

Falling victim to even one of these myths could be costing you thousands every year.​

Watch this video to learn what those five myths are... and how to avoid them to ensure your business thrives!

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What you'll learn by attending:

  • The 5 lies that most business owners accept as truth - to their peril
  • Why running a business is a learned skill - and how to 'un-learn' what's been holding you back
  • How to perform a 'reality check' on your business - and keep it on the right trajectory
  • The 7 Keys to driving consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow
  • How to build processes in your business that lead to growth, cash flow and wealth-building

About the Presenter:

Jeffrey K. Prager is founder of Cash Flow Engineering, LLC and Backroom Management Services.  He is a retired CPA and has owned and managed several businesses during his career, and was a founding partner of Strauss Homes and Ashworth Golf Clothing, among others. Jeff is the author of three books on business management: Managing Your Business With 7 Key Numbers; Financial Forecasting with Microsoft Excel; and The Peddler's Son.

Cash Flow Engineering®, LLC is a training and education company for business owners and entrrepreneurs, helping them develop and implement marketing & sales, operational and financial systems that generate consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow, growth and enhance the value of their companies.